UFC president ready to send riots to fight riots
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UFC president ready to send riots to fight riots

The demonstration of John Jones on the removal of spray cans from teenagers inspired the UFC president so much that he was ready to send the organization’s fighters to restore order on the streets of American cities.

Dana White said this in the next issue of the Steve-O’s Wild Ride! Podcast.

“Did you see how John Jones appeared on the streets of Albuquerque at night and took paint cans from teenagers?” Said the head of the organization. “It seems to me that the kids have tidied up their pants. I’m thinking about sending the rest of the guys to me to clean up the streets and stop this whole mess. ”

Recall that the cause of large-scale riots in the United States was the death of 46-year-old black resident of Minneapolis George Floyd, who died of suffocation during a police detention.

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