UFC head caught John Jones of cheating
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UFC head caught John Jones of cheating

In a recent skirmish with Israel Adesanya, John Jones admitted to hiding under a cage from the Nevada State Athletic Commission to avoid out-of-competition testing for marijuana, and it looks like the ex-UFC champion’s version is not entirely true.

“They don’t test for marijuana,” UFC President Dana White told reporters in Abu Dhabi. “If he was worried about marijuana, then they do not test for marijuana during preliminary testing. If it was an out-of-competition testing, he would have passed it without any problems ”

“I don’t know anything about it. But if you don’t have a fight scheduled, they don’t test you for marijuana. “

Recall that a dialogue of the following character took place between Jones and Adesanya.

Adesanya: “Fun fact! In 2010, I slept under the cage because I didn’t want to waste energy on going home, and stayed in the gym until the evening training, and Jonathan crawled under the cage to hide from USADA during out-of-competition doping tests. It is a fact if someone suddenly forgot about it ”

Jones: “Brother, you better explain your boob. I was hiding from the Nevada State Athletic Commission, not USADA, because I smoked and was afraid to fail the herb test. This is the true truth “

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