UFC CEO says McGregor refuses to fight Ferguson at UFC 249
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UFC CEO says McGregor refuses to fight Ferguson at UFC 249

Conor McGregor should not complain about his fate and complain about the lack of rivals, since he himself refused to replace Khabib Nurmagomedov in the fight against Tony Ferguson at UFC 249 in Jacksonville.

This was stated in an interview with ESPN by the president of UFC, Dana White.

“He wants to fight Gaiti, but Gaiti just won and got a fight with Habib,” the organization’s head said. “He just beat Tony Ferguson, and Conor had the opportunity to take his vacant place in the Habib-Tony fight, but he said: ‘I am not a replacement fighter, and I am not going to do it.’ He could have been in Justin’s place if he had accepted the battle. He did not do this, and Justin did, which means that he will fight with Habib. Conor is upset because it goes against his desires, but we cannot do what he wants now ”

Recall that last weekend Conor McGregor announced his retirement due to the fact that the UFC leadership refused to organize a title fight against Justin Gacy, but he does not see other interesting rivals for himself.

According to unconfirmed official information, the unification match between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Justin Gaitji will take place on September 19 at UFC 253.

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