UFC CEO criticizes Curtis Blades after defeating Alexander Volkov
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UFC CEO criticizes Curtis Blades after defeating Alexander Volkov

The promise of Curtis Blades, which the American made before the fight against Alexander Volkov, was completely inconsistent with what was happening in the octagon, says UFC president, Dana White.

Recall that on the eve of the match with the Russian fighter, Blades tweeted that he would tear the opponent apart like a rag doll, but in the end he won the battle with a unanimous referee’s decision, sagging noticeably at the end of the match and losing the last two rounds.

“I like Curtis Blades, but not his attitude to the matter,” the head of the organization said at a press conference after the UFC on ESPN 11. “I have nothing against the guy, but when you say such a de ** about that he spoke at the week before the fight, you better go out and confirm your words with deed, kicking your opponent’s ass. Because when you say such things, and act like he did today, you look stupid. ”

“Yes, he won today, but he said so many things to him that he had to speak differently. He promised to break the opponent, complained that he was paid little, that he should get a title chance. But in the end, he was exhausted at the end of the third round, barely reached the fifth, and won the battle

In this regard, White made it clear that Razor should not count on an immediate title chance.

“He lost twice to Francis Ngann. How can he get a title chance before Francis? Yes, he is next in line, but his performance today and cardio leave a lot of questions. I would not wait in his place, but would remain as active as possible ”

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