The head of the UFC named the four greatest fighters in the history of MMA
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The head of the UFC named the four greatest fighters in the history of MMA

The UFC president, Dana White, supported the new trend and named the four greatest fighters who, according to the leader of the largest mma promotion, have forever written their names in the history of mixed martial arts.

“If we are talking about Mount Rushmore, where the heads are eternally carved in stone, then the first, no doubt, we should name Hoisey Gracie,” said the head of the UFC in the next issue of The Schmozone podcast. “Amanda Nunes, the greatest female fighter in history – she must also be there. The two remaining ones are hard to choose. I would call John Jones. No one could defeat the guy. Even more incredible, he remains undefeated despite everything that happens to him outside the octagon. Number four on Mount Rushmore, I guess it’s Chuck Liddell. At one time he was the biggest star. “

White also explained why Anderson Silva and George St. Pierre are not on his list.

“I said that choosing four is very difficult. If we look at what Anderson Silva did for Brazil and GSP for Canada, we will understand that these guys had a huge impact on their countries, but unfortunately there are only four places on Mount Rushmore. ”

Recall that Mount Rushmore, located in South Dakota, is known for having a huge bas-relief of nearly 20 meters high carved in its granite rock, depicting the four greatest presidents in US history.

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