The head of the UFC answered Jorge Masvidal
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The head of the UFC answered Jorge Masvidal

UFC President, Dana White, reacted to a statement by Jorge Masviadal, who, after unsuccessful negotiations on the next fight, asked to be fired from the organization.

“I think everyone wants more money,” Dana White said at a press conference in Las Vegas. “And this is not only in our sport – all sports leagues have a similar picture. Masvidal says, “you have enough money to buy an island,” but let me repeat it for the millionth time – we did not buy the island, okay? We did not buy this island ”

“We need the Fight Island so that the guys from Europe and the rest of the world can work and earn money. Anyone who does not want to fight should not do this, be it Jorge Masvidal, John Jones, or anyone else. These guys are independent contractors. We do not have the NFL, where I could say, “either you come to training and do your job, or you will be fired.” We don’t have that, and all fighters can do what they see fit and say what they see fit. ”

Presumably, Jorge Masvidal was negotiating a title match against Kamaru Usman, however, according to the third number of the welterweight rating, he was offered half as much for this fight as for the previous match against Nate Diaz.

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