Texas shooter not UFC fighter
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Texas shooter not UFC fighter

The UFC president, Dana White, can sleep peacefully – the Texas shooter who shot eight people near a bar in San Antonio last week is not a fighter of his organization.

On Thursday, Miami police arrested 37-year-old Genelius Crew, who was charged with eight episodes of an aggravated firearm attack. The African American, who called himself a UFC fighter before opening fire, has nothing to do with either the largest mma promotion or mixed martial arts. Why a man called himself a UFC fighter, one can only guess.

Recall that last Friday a drunk man, who was not allowed into the bar due to heavy alcohol intoxication, took a gun out of his car and opened fire, injuring eight people, including five women and three men, however, none of them were injured deadly. The criminal, who was accompanied by several friends, managed to escape before the police arrived, and it took the law enforcement officers less than a week to establish his identity and hold him in custody.

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