Stipe Miocic gave a prediction for the fight with Daniel Cormier
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Stipe Miocic gave a prediction for the fight with Daniel Cormier

Reigning UFC Heavyweight Champion, Stipe Miocic, has shared his thoughts on the upcoming bout against Daniel Cormier, who will wrap up the principled trilogy between the heavyweights in less than a week.

“It will be a great fight,” Miocic said in an interview with Megan Olivi. “I brought up my weaknesses, as he did, worked on the mistakes. Each of us will have a completely different battle plan from the previous one. Let’s see who manages to carry it out, although in fact, of course, I know that it will be me, but this does not make our fight less significant “

Miocic also said that he is not very worried about the fact that he will have to fight in a smaller octagon without spectators in the stands.

“Yes, a small cage is good for him, because he is a wrestler, but you know that every fight starts in a standing position – we are not a wrestling competition, but a fight. As for the fans, yes, their absence is a little embarrassing, but on the other hand, I will better hear what they say to me in the corner, so it will be an interesting experience. “

As for the forecast for the upcoming fight, Miocic knows for sure that he will leave the octagon with the championship belt. Moreover, just days after one of the most important matches of his career, the heavyweight plans to return to his duties in the Cleveland fire brigade.

“They will raise my hand and I will leave the octagon with a belt at my waist – nothing will change. I will go home, kiss my wife and daughter, celebrate my birthday, and go to work in a couple of days. “

At the end of the interview, the UFC champion answered the question of whether, in his opinion, the winner of the upcoming match can be considered the greatest heavyweight in the history of the organization.

“Yes of course. Why not? There are many different opinions on this, but people are seriously discussing it, so this is already great. “

As a reminder, the heavyweight title fight between Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier will lead UFC 252 on August 15 in Las Vegas.

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