Rafael dos Anjos offered to fight Conor McGregor
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Rafael dos Anjos offered to fight Conor McGregor

Former UFC lightweight champion Rafael Dos Anjos invited Conor McGregor to settle their unfinished business and fight in any of three weight categories.

“Let’s do it, Conor. If you are looking for a fight, then I’m the same guy. Light weight, welterweight or intermediate category up to 75 kg – I do not mind. Fuck this resignation!” Dos Anjos tweeted.

Recall that the match between Rafael Dos Anjos and Conor McGregor could take place in 2016, when the Brazilian owned the champion lightweight title. In the end, Dos Anjos broke his foot, and Conor McGregor took the welterweight fight with Nate Diaz and lost by a choke.

To date, Dos Anjos goes on a series of two defeats in the welterweight division. McGregor spent the last fight in January this year – also in the welterweight – and won by technical knockout in 40 seconds, Donald Cerrone.

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