Justin Gaethje: “If I beat Habib, McGregor will be back”
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Justin Gaethje: “If I beat Habib, McGregor will be back”

UFC interim lightweight champion Justin Gaethje does not believe Conor McGregor’s resignation, and believes the Irishman will definitely return if he manages to combine the titles in a fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov.

“I think he will fight again,” the American said in an interview with ESPN. “He will wait for the winner of our fight with Habib, and if I win, he will definitely be back. If Habib wins, I’m not sure of his return. In any case, he is a legend. What he has achieved, his legendary status, cannot be taken away from him. He should pay tribute, given his achievements in this sport. He has achieved everything that every fighter dreams of, so I take off my hat and look forward to breaking his face. ”

If his fight with McGregor takes place, Gaethje is sure that he will have three rounds to win the fight by knockout.

“Distance control is the number one factor in any fight, so everything will depend on who will control the distance. When my rivals begin to control the distance, I smash their legs with lowes, and they have to start all over again. I think I can knock him out in three rounds. I’ll give him a real hell, and he definitely won’t like it. ”

According to rumors, the unification battle between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Justin Gaethje will be the main event of the UFC 253 tournament, which will be held on September 19, presumably in Abu Dhabi.

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