John Jones advised UFC rising stars
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John Jones advised UFC rising stars

The current UFC light heavyweight champion, John Jones, whose status in the organization is in question after a public conflict with the UFC leadership, advised the rising stars of the promotion to draw conclusions from his mistakes and not sign contracts that they might regret in the future.

“When I was in my prime, they did not pay me, saying that I was not a star yet,” Jones tweeted. “I was grateful to them for the new car, while they earned tens of millions without my knowledge. They impressed the boy Bentley after the fight with Lyoto Machida, and they put millions in his pocket. ”

“I advise young fighters who are on the rise to immediately demand a fair payment. While the UFC creates your brand, you create their brand. If you think that big fees will come after you stay in the organization for a while, you’re wrong. ”

“In my 20s and a half I spent a bunch of mega-fights, getting about two million dollars for each. Who knows how much they earned on me. When I think about it, I feel like a fool. “I got about two million per battle, but compared to their profit, it was still a robbery.”

Recall that the conflict between John Jones and the UFC was caused by unsuccessful negotiations on a light heavyweight match against Francis Ngannu. The UFC president called Jones ’financial claims“ absurd, ”and the UFC champion declared Dan White a liar and renounced his title.

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