John Jones accuses American clothing brand of racism
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John Jones accuses American clothing brand of racism

The current UFC light heavyweight champion, John Jones, who recently stole paint from protesters in the streets of his city, accused Hollister, a well-known American clothing brand of racism, outraged by the inscription negro in Spanish on a clothing price tag.

“I know how black sounds in Spanish, but I still feel that Hollister’s choice of words is insensitive and offensive. You can call me too impressionable, but today I was offended, ”Jones wrote on Twitter, posting the corresponding video.

To the perplexed comments of the subscribers, Jones stated that only black jeans were marked with a double inscription.

“Perhaps this seems silly to some, but the other jeans were not labeled like these. I’ll come again tomorrow and make a video, ”the fighter promised.

Note that Jones himself lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where more than 46% of the population are Hispanic, so double inscriptions on price tags and signs are not something surprising there.

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