Henry Cejudo is ready to stake his girlfriend in a duel against Alex Volkanovsky
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Henry Cejudo is ready to stake his girlfriend in a duel against Alex Volkanovsky

It seems that the resignation of the former UFC champion in two weight categories, Henry Cejudo , will not be delayed for a long time.

A month after completing his professional career, the Triple Champion again announced that it was considering returning to the octagon as a featherweight, promising to deal with the current division champion, Alexander Volkanovsky, over two rounds.

“If I ever return to MMA, then behind your head, an overgrown dwarf,” Cejudo wrote in social networks, quoting a recent statement by the UFC champion. “I am putting my Olympic gold medal, two champion belts, and the one and only girl that you can’t stand even two rounds with the Triple Champion! Kneel, Alex Wolkanovsky »

A day earlier, in an interview with ESPN, Volkanovsky stated the following:

“I am open to a duel with Cejudo . As soon as he said that he was stepping down and abandoned his belts, and then announced that he would resume his career as a featherweight, I began to consider him as a featherweight challenger. ”

Recall that Henry Cejudo announced his retirement after successfully defending his title in a duel against Dominic Cruz at UFC 249 in Jacksonville, and Alexander Volkanovsky on July 11 at UFC 251 in Abu Dhabi will enter an immediate rematch against former division champion Max Halloway.

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