Daniel Cormier spoke about the duel of John Jones and Mike Tyson
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Daniel Cormier spoke about the duel of John Jones and Mike Tyson

Former UFC champion in two weight classes, Daniel Cormier, is not thrilled about the prospect of seeing a fight between John Jones and Mike Tyson, whether in a cage or boxing ring.

“John Jones and Mike Tyson? Where? In mixed martial arts? No, I don’t want to see this, ”Cormier said in an interview with Ariel Helwani. “This is crazy and strange – even hearing about it is already strange. I will just ignore it. To pretend that nothing is happening. I’ll send it all straight to the trash »

“Mike is just chatting. It happens that in front of the cameras, people start talking and cannot stop. This is just the case – Mike decided to talk and got carried away. But he is right about the fact that Jones can earn a lot of money in a boxing match with a guy like him. That’s true, but I’m still not interested. ”

Recall that last weekend Iron Mike, who was about to resume his career, challenged John Jones, and the current UFC champion said he would come out against Tyson in the ring if he later agreed to fight according to the rules of mixed martial arts.

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