Daniel Cormier: "I advise Stipe to capture wrestling, because I will fight with him"
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Daniel Cormier: “I advise Stipe to capture wrestling, because I will fight with him”

Former UFC champion in two weight categories, Daniel Cormier, was enthusiastic about the news that the third match with Stipe Miocic will take place in the small octagon at the UFC Apex arena in Las Vegas.

“We will have a small cage, so I’ll be like Curtis Blades in a fight with Volkov – if you want to see 25 minutes in the rack, you won’t get it,” Cormier said in an interview with Ariel Helwani. “Let everyone hate me for this, but I advise Stipe to capture the wrestlers, because in a small cage I will make a passage in one leg and translate it over and over again. He’s definitely not going to like it, because I’ll fight him. ”

“Last time I didn’t even train, because I had problems with my back. Habib, who had the same operation, told me that in a year you will feel better, brother. Then I reacted to his words with distrust, because severe pain continued to torment me. I fought Stipe eight months after the operation, and I could not fight. Now for the first time in many years I feel great, I can fight, make passes in one leg, so a completely different fight awaits us ”

Recall that the heavyweight title fight between Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier will be the main event of the UFC 252 tournament, which will be held on August 15.

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