Dana White reacts to rumors of UFC fighter shooting
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Dana White reacts to rumors of UFC fighter shooting

The UFC president, Dana White, commented that a drunk man who fired near a bar in San Antonio, Texas last Friday may be a fighter of the biggest mma promotion.

“I found out about this this morning, and I really hope that this is not true,” the head of the organization said at a press conference after the UFC on ESPN 10. “In fact, I constantly hear such stories. You can’t imagine how many bald guys walk around the city and impersonate me. If I told you some stories, you would be very surprised. So, I hope this is a case in the same series. ”

On Friday night, a drunk man who was not allowed into the bar because of heavy alcohol intoxication, took a gun out of his car and opened fire, injuring eight people, including five women and three men, however, none of the injuries were fatal.

Before opening fire, the man stated that he was a UFC fighter from California, outraged by the fact that he was not recognized. The criminal, who was accompanied by several friends, managed to escape before the police arrived, and his identity has not yet been established.

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