Conor McGregor announced the marriage
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Conor McGregor announced the marriage

After many years of marriage, ex-UFC champion in two weight classes, Conor McGregor, decided to marry the mother of his two children, Dee Devlin.

The Irishman announced the upcoming marriage on Instagram.

“What a birthday, my future wife,” wrote McGregor, who proposed to a friend on her 33rd birthday.

Note that the couple has been in a relationship since 2008, so Devlin was a direct witness to the meteoric rise of McGregor, who in several years went from a plumber apprentice to the main MMA superstar with multimillion-dollar fees.

McGregor and Devlin are raising two children – Conor Jack McGregor Jr., born in 2017, and Crowe McGregor, who was born two years later.

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