Chris Weidman answered Luke Rockhold's challenge
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Chris Weidman answered Luke Rockhold’s challenge

Former UFC middleweight title holder Chris Weidman is reluctant to take revenge on Luke Rockhold, who took the belt away from him five years ago.

In a recent interview, Rockhold announced that he is ready to resume his career for the sake of a fight with Weidman, but the ex-champion, who plans to join the title race, does not currently see the point in this match.

“I don’t know what it gives me, besides the opportunity to revenge defeat,” – said Weidman in an interview with Ariel Helvani. “He hasn’t done much lately. He is returning from retirement, and the victory over him does not give me anything, because I want to join the championship race. I prefer a fight with a guy who is higher in the rankings. So I don’t know. I’m not totally against it, but I’m not sure it makes sense right now. “

Weidman believes that Rockhold must return and triumph for their duel to make sense.

“Before he gets a big fight with me, he has to do a little work.”

Recall that last weekend at UFC Fight Night 174 in Las Vegas, Chris Weidman put his career back on track by defeating Omari Akhmedov by unanimous decision.

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