Camaru Usman and Gilbert Burns answered Nate Diaz
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Camaru Usman and Gilbert Burns answered Nate Diaz

The current UFC welterweight champion, Kamaru Usman, and his belt challenger, Gilbert Burns, have not ignored Nate Diaz’s attack, claiming that their fight is not worthy of the title status.

“It’s funny, but I didn’t hear you express a desire to accept the fight when they were looking for the next victim,” wrote Usman. “One chatterbox who recently kicked your ass, and the McNuggets, both fled and hid. So shut up and sit upright. Oh yes, and don’t forget to buy a paid broadcast. ”

“A few facts. You: lost five of nine fights in the last eight years; twelve career defeats; record 1-1 over the past four years; refused to fight Woodley when they offered the title chance. Chatterbox: thirteen lesions; lost to Demian Maya, whom Burns knocked out in the first round; disgraced your stupid for *** tsu ”

Burns: a series of six victories in less than two years; knocked out Maya, who defeated the talker; with a score of 50-44 dominated the first division number Tyrone Woodley, with whom you refused to fight for the title; Burns is a true mixed martial artist who doesn’t waste time talking

Gilbert Burns supported his rival and teammate.

“Just look at this guy,” the Brazilian tweeted, showing Diaz’s record. “Three fights in the last four years! I will have a third fight in less than five months this year! Enough said! I just want to remind you that this is the champion’s fight against the number one challenger. So do me a favor – don’t blink, stock up on popcorn and buy PPV. ”

“And one more thing – you have to say thanks to McGregor because he is the only reason you managed to earn money in this life,” Burns added, recalling that before the fight with McGregor Diaz earned less than 20 thousand dollars per battle.

Recall that the title fight between Kamaru Usman and Gilbert Burns will be the main event of the UFC 251 tournament, which will be held on July 11 on the island of Yas in Abu Dhabi.

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