Alexander Gustafsson promised to break the face of Fabrizio Werdum
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Alexander Gustafsson promised to break the face of Fabrizio Werdum

Former contender for the UFC light heavyweight title, Alexander Gustafsson, who is scheduled to debut in the heavyweight category on July 25 at a tournament in Abu Dhabi against Fabrice Verdum, shared his expectations from the confrontation with the former UFC champion.

“I miss the fights, I miss the competition, and I don’t feel that I’m ready to end all this,” the Swedish fighter said in an interview with MaulerBet. “Despite what I said before, I never lost this itch. And now, in the new division, with new rivals, I am excitedly waiting for what the future holds for me. “I made the decision to return a few weeks ago, and I remained active, despite the fact that we all are going through strange times.”

Gustafsson does not think that in heavy weight he will be inferior to rivals in size.

“I always considered myself a big light heavyweight. I am a dimensional fighter, and am gaining a lot between fights. I always had to drive 33 pounds to make weight. There are 6-7 weeks left before the fight, and now I would not be able to make light heavy. Now in the week before the fight I can eat chicken paste, which has not happened to me for the past fifteen years. In the past, when I drove weight, minor injuries always showed themselves – back, knee, something else. All these weight racers have been damaging my health for years. ”

According to Gustafsson, he pays tribute to his eminent rival, but is going to dominate him in the upcoming match.

“He is very experienced, and if we look at his career, we will understand that he is a true legend of our sport. In recent years, he has gained a little weight, but he should not be underestimated – he always has a few tricks in stock and he is a real black belt. And, like any heavyweight, he knows how to hit hard. So, it will be an amazing challenge for me, and it motivates me to fight with him very much. ”

“I will go out into the octagon for victory. This is not a game – I’m going to break his face and win this fight

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