Vasily Lomachenko shared his thoughts on the fight between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones
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Vasily Lomachenko shared his thoughts on the fight between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones

Most lightweight belt holder, Ukrainian Vasily Lomachenko spoke about his attitude towards the upcoming show fight between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr., which will take place on September 12th at Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California.

“The guys make money. Why not? Plus they do it for fans and boxing fans: two legends meet in the ring. I think if Roy Jones was asked when he was at the peak of his career, he would like to box with Mike Tyson, and does he really see this fight? It seems to me that he could hardly have believed in such a thing at that time, “Lomachenko said in an interview for his YouTube channel LOMA Official TV.

“And today? … As you can see, today everything is possible! In the ring, in fact, two eras will meet – the Tyson generation and the Roy Jones generation. I believe that this will greatly popularize our sport.

I don’t know if they are serious about it or not. But they make money. This is how they earn. It’s like taking a plumber or a welder – he worked out his seniority and retired. But this does not mean that he stopped doing this. He still works somewhere.

Similarly, a boxer. If he has been boxing all his life, he retired and rested, and after that he had the opportunity to earn money again. Why not? I’m just going to think that they inflict the minimum amount of damage to each other, because I would not want to see one or the other fall. “

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